OneTech Electric Massage Device for Acupoint Therapy

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OneTech Electric Impulse Treatment Massage Device for Acupoint Magnetic Therapy with 2 Electrode Pads (White)

  • Composite Material, Application: Neck, Material: plastic, Size: 20.4cm x 16.4cm x 6.5cm.
  • The built in multiple health magnet Neck massager is according to TCM blood, blood meridian, scattered wind pain principle.Can promote local blood circulation ,relax the local muscle ,achieve anti-inflammatory, detumescence,analgesic,to eliminate fatigue. Suitable for the treatment of cervical pain ,shoulder arm numbness ,headache ,dizziness and other symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis.
  • Neck Collar, function: Neck Cervical Therapy Massager, design: Neck Therapy Instrument, feature: Neck Cervical Machine.
  • The built in multiple health magnet endocrine regulation for human acupoint magnetotherapy , improve microcirculation ; 2 kinds of automatic combination treatment mode, 4 kind of manual treatment, can choose according to different needs, user widely. ; LED light ,simple ,clear ,more humane.
  • According to the human body engineering design,aesthetic science,in accordance with neck curve: Low frequency electric pulse magnetic effect ring traction three -in-one synchronization therapy to form an effective composite field ; Using 3D smart fitting technology,according to the curve of your neck easily adjust the electrode,the use of more comfortable;
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Product description

OneTech Electronic Massager




OneTech Electronic Massager is a complete and comprehensive solution for neck problems, neck pain and severe pain using low frequency electrotherapy; electromagnetic and magnetic field therapy to help stimulate different types of nerve endings. They also help stimulate blood circulation and relax local muscles to provide relief from inflammation, swelling, pain and fatigue. Adjustable wing design fits different neck sizes. Design: Material: Plastic Writing: Neck Color: White Electric wave frequency: 0-1000Hz Electronic pressure range: 20-400 µs Package included: 1 x Oral Stimulator 2 x Pads 1 x Cable 1 x English book


OneTech’s description of electronic massager
It is made of material, function: neck, material: plastic, fit: 20.4 cm x 16.4 cm x 6.5 cm.
Built-in multi-health magnetic neck massage compatible with TCM blood, blood meridians, diffuse head. You can improve local blood circulation, relax local muscles, get anti-heat, inflammation, painkillers to relieve fatigue. Suitable for the treatment of neck pain, numbness in the shoulder arm, headache, dizziness and other symptoms caused by cervical manipulation.
Cervical collar, function: cervical massage, design: neck care device, shape: cervical machine.
Integrated multicenter magnetic endocrine regulation of acupuncture in humans, which regulates microcirculation; 2 kinds of automatic medical mixture, four kinds of medical guides, can be selected differently depending on the most used. LED lights, bright, bright, characterized …
According to the design of the human body, aesthetic science is based on the cervix: low-frequency three-dimensional magnetic electric pumping in synchronous therapy for the formation of successful cell formation; Using the 3D rendering technique, you can easily adjust the electrodes on the neck curve and make them easier to use.
From India.


U-boot with long collar
complete response to cervical, cervical and general complications
pain during low-frequency electrotherapy. The electric catalyst has
magnetic field therapy to stimulate different types of nerves
fiber. It also helps stimulate blood circulation
restore circulatory muscles to eliminate inflammation,
swelling, pain and fatigue. Adjust the wing design to fit differently
neck size. History: Material: plastic Processing:
Handle color: electric shock white frequency: electric 0-1000Hz
pump width: 20-400 package included: 1 x mounting lip
x pillow 1 x string 1 x English book

White color
Weight 399 g
Package dimensions 22 x 16.4 x 6.8 cm
Item Model Number HP-12548
Item number HX-5880
ABS plastic parts.

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OneTech Electric Impulse Treatment Massage Device for Acupoint Magnetic Therapy with 2 Electrode Pads (White)





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