Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E supplements

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Johnson’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E, Non-Sticky for easy spread and massage, 200ml

About this item

  • Johnson’s Baby oil is enriched with Vitamin E
  • Johnson’s baby oil is formulated to spread easily on baby ‘s skin. Fragrance : Natural Aroma
  • Dermatologically tested for allergies
  • Recommended by doctors
  • No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Dye
  • Johnson’s baby oil is non-sticky and so pure that you can see through it
  • Use Johnson’s baby oil for massaging your baby’s soft, smooth skin
  • Country of Origin: India


Johnson’s Baby Oil E

Dimensions: 200 ml Pain: oil

Johnson Baby Oil E.


Description of Johnson Baby Oil E.

Did you know that your baby’s skin loses moisture twice as quickly and dries more often? Vitamin E Vitamin E for babies is intended for newborn babies. Johnson’s baby oil is so pure you can see through it. The soft texture nourishes the skin and makes the skin soft and supple. it didn’t. That way, your beautiful angel will be uncomfortable.

Johnson’s baby fat gives your baby a soft snack, and your touch helps lift his mood, which is important for his happy and healthy life. They were examined by dermatologists with allergies. Johnson’s mother’s confidence has always been gentle, gentle, and effective. FREE: Warning: for external use only.

Prevent accidents with children by drinking alcohol; inhalation that can cause serious injury. If you are irritated by the skin, stop using it. Prevention: Avoid eye contact. Seek treatment if an accident occurs.

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What makes us better for a child?

At JOHNSON we combine our 120 cases with the latest scientific developments. All of our products are branded TRIPLE CHILD PROTECTION, which means our only guarantee is to provide the safest, gentlest and most effective care for the baby’s skin and hair. This makes it ideal for children in 177 countries.

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It takes an average of one year before new products are ready to use. Products comply with or exceed 15 percent worldwide law.

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Clinical evaluation: skin disorders, allergic reaction, sunlight, success

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90% of all publications and scientific literature on children’s skins is ours.

Johnson’s Baby Oil E

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The baby’s skin loses twice as much moisture and is even harder

That is why JOHNSON Vitamin E baby oil is well-designed to nourish your skin and leave it smooth and supple.


Massage time

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Choose a time when your child is relaxed, not hungry or narrow.

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Make sure the room is warm and the lighting is not too bright. Think of playing soft music in the background.

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Ready is everything you need – oil, towels, diapers and clothes.

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Wash your hands and take the jewellery.

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Do not rub your baby when he is sick or just vaccinated; the injection can remain painful.



Everything created with JOHNSON for baby hair oil is included for a specific purpose.

Mineral oil




Tocopheryl acetate (E-vitamin acetate)


We use the legally required mark INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) to describe each item on the list.

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Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E





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