DSR Remote Control Helicopter Light Toys for Boys Kids

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DSR Radio Remote Control and Hand Sensor Charging Helicopter Toys with 3D Light Toys for Boys Kids (Indoor & Outdoor Flying)(Multicolour) Colour as per Stock

  • you can use your hand as sensor, which makes it easier to control the helicopter for beginner and kids, and more stable for flying.
  • Package includes : One recharageble helicopter , one fully functional remote, one charging cable for the helicopter
  • Flying height : 10m , weight : 132g, Remote is included, it has a built in sensor which allows the helicopter to sense anything below it to move upwards Guide the movement of the helicopter by placing your hands underneath it please use new batteries in the remote and charge the helicopter for 1 hr before first use
  • 3.7V 160mAH Lithium Polymer also known as Lipo Rechargeable Battery is used in the product they are thin, light and powerful. Which makes this product unique in its segment, Batteries for the remote not included.
  • Dimension :- 17.5X3.5X10.7 ; Weight :- 132 GM
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DSR Remote Control Helicopter

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DSR remote control helicopter


Skills are knowledge
The recommended manufacturer is about five years old
DSR manufacturer
The country comes from China


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Ideal for remote control helicopters
The first date is available February 4, 2021
DSR manufacturer

DSR Remote Control Helicopter

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Definition of a remote controlled DSR helicopter


Made of high quality material, durable, durable, corrosion protection and environmental protection Easy to use, strong stability and flight effect, suitable for indoor aircraft. PD infrared induction helicopter: a device that automatically shuts down after the start of three seconds, intelligent induction helicopter, magic flight over the arm. Sad stop and accident prevention, light weight, easy flight and light function designed for beginners. It automatically shuts down when the fan is closed, which makes it even safer. The lights flash under the helicopter which is cool and gives you a special look. Batteries for the remote control are not included, but the recommended batteries are AAA 1.5V alkaline. Camera function: not available and sent text is available.

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DSR Radio Remote Control and Hand Sensor Charging Helicopter Toys with 3D Light Toys for Boys Kids





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