Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lightening

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Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lightening and Brightening Dark Lip Balm Scrub for Men and Women, 20 g

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  • Ensures youthful lips free of dullness. It rejuvenates your lips and keeps it nourished and hydrated from within
  • Heals and prevents chapped lips. Makes your lips soft & supple
  • Hydrates your lips. Additionally, heals minor cuts or wounds on the lips. It provides your lips that much need nourishment and plump


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Bella Vita Organic Nico lips Lightening

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About Bella Vita Organic

Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lightening is an Ayurvedic cosmetic product that provides consumers with the best products, products and cosmetics at affordable prices. We strive to provide the best, strong and chemical product with the best Ayurvedic hand products from different parts of India and made in our Gurgaon department.

Our cosmetics treat many problems of the skin, hair, body and face, with an emphasis on beauty treatments and Ayurveda. All of our products are suitable for all skin types and can be used year round. It has everything you need for beautiful, thin skin. We always believe in adding beauty to our products by making them available in the Indian beauty market.

Bella Vita Organic Nicolips Lightening





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