Tummy Trimmer Pro

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EasyHealth Double Spring Tummy Trimmer Pro Waist Trimmer Home Gym Home Exercise Equipment Abdomen Exercise Equipment Leg Exerciser for Men and Women

  • [STRONGER AND UPGRADED]: EasyHealth Tummy trimmer PRO is MADE OF QUALITY STEEL SPRINGS to support and withstand even an extensive workout schedule. The SOLID STEEL HANDLE is capped with RUBBER GRIPS WITH MARKINGS to hold the equipment properly with right balance. The flexibility of the springs lets you easily do 5 TO 6 DIFFERENT TYPES OF EXERCISES at the convenience of your home.
  • [DOUBLE SAFETY STRINGS]: Safety should be your top priority when doing a workout. We CARE FOR YOUR SAFETY, that is why EasyHeath tummy trimmer Pro is one of its kind in the market as it comes with DOUBLE SAFETY STRINGS properly adjusted into the springs to MINIMIZE PRODUCT DAMAGE and INJURY CHANCES which might happen due to over pulling of the springs while working out. Please Note: – Do not try to pull the springs beyond the point where the safety strings end.
  • [WORKOUT VIDEO]: We have created a short, exclusive and beneficial workout video for you to see few of the many types of exercises you can do with your EasyHealth tummy trimmer.You can find the video on Youtube by searching for EasyHealth tummy trimmer.
  • [WHO CAN USE IT]: It is a great product from BUSY PROFESSIONALS TO STAY AT HOME MOMS who miss their gym due to tight schedule yet like to keep their body toned. EasyHealth recommends double spring for men and single spring for women for easy of use. 30 MINUTES OF DAILY EXERCISE followed with a diet plan can really GET YOU THE SHAPE YOU ALWAYS WANTED. This product is good for a MAXIMUM HEIGHT OF 5ft 9″. NOTE: People with issues of back pain and severe knee pain must consult their doctor first.
  • [REVERSIBLE PEDDLES]: Peddles are made of quality plastic, and peddle belts are made of rubber. The peddles are reversible and can be used conveniently from both sides. Please Note: – The product should be used without wearing shoes.
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